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A third of the world doesn't have access to the internet. Starkcom Global wants to change that. Cost, heavy infrastructure, and accessibility are all barriers to entry. Now is the time for disruption.

Economics / Distribution

Cost Efficiency

We are building the world's most cost effective network with speed optimization in mind. Plans as low as $5/month, and eventually subsidized or sponsored $1/month internet plans in some areas. We aim to launch a network that isn't centered on centralizing infrastructure, so that we can bring back the power of accessibility of the world wide web to the global landscape. The internet shouldn't rely on heavy, climate intensive infrastructure. 


A third of the world is unconnected and we need to change that. They don't have access to life-changing literature, or the same type of infrastructure and resources other countries have.


Our electronics will be utilizing weatherproofed coatings.

Supply Chain

We are integrating BitBadges into our supply chain, and registering CubeSats and eventual user accounts. 


We are aiming to horizontally scale our production with remote labs throughout various parts of the world.

Flexible Solar Arrays

For our EPS Power Systems we want to use 3.0 Power flexible solar arrays or foldable "solar sticker" type solutions for our latest generation Cubesats.

Professional Experience

Our advisory board includes people with previous exits and/or executive experience. Our founder has pioneered various industries and has a prolific research history. We aim to be disruptive and impact the world on a global scale. 


A Light Into Our Dark Dystopia

Many satellites range from over $350k to $2.8M to launch. We aim to launch our CubeSats for $17.5k w/ plenty of room for profit margin. We also aim to provide connectivity for small cities, villages, and townspeople that perhaps wouldn't have been able to afford connectivity. The same can be applied to our range of services for times of war, meeting a country's literacy requirements, or emergency needs.

Current legacy internet providers and cable companies, buy the exclusive rights to have cabling, grid, or telecom towers for an entire city or sub division. This limits a customer's choice of internet plans or pricing. Now with our CubeSat technology beaming internet to on ground gateways, we can bypass the need for legacy infrastructure and unfair competitive practices or hostile bidding policies.


We are building our next gen CubeSats to be minimal in pieces and parts, easy to build, modular and scalable in the manufacturing process. Our gateways are also being designed to be user adaptable and real-time oriented.



Our gateways utilize signal compute technology, various components for  LoRaWAN and WLAN data transmission, and lightweight BLE as well as ChirpStack and IoT Broker Compatible hardware.


Remote Monitoring

We have remote monitoring and sensing solutions for launch scheduling, mapping, satellite tracking, messaging and communication. Our dashboards include both the launch side and the communications side as well.

Industries / Team

Join Our Team

"Stark Drones is an emerging company that participates in sensory networks, UART communications, and aviation design concepts. We are planning to build one of the most efficient aeronautical vehicles ever created to bring a new age to space exploration and transportation."

You can visit the Stark Drones corporate site by click on read more and finding out about a bit more about what we do. 

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